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Do you feel your arches are too high or too low? This might mean you're prone to developing plantar fasciitis. Let our experienced podiatrist identify the underlying problem and provide reliable and effective treatment.


Let our podiatrist cure your heel and arch pains.

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You may experience heel pain when you get out of the bed in the morning, after exercising, or after a period of sitting and resting. Schedule a consultation today to get relief from unwanted pain. We're available at three locations in CA - Marysville, Colusa, and Gridley.

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  • Custom orthotics

  • Treatment for plantar fasciitis

  • Heel and bone spurs

  • Office and hospital surgery

  • Custom orthotics inserts

Heel and arch treatment conditions

We provide surgical and non-surgical treatment for spurs. Our podiatrist is licensed and board certified in foot surgery. We also accept most insurance for payments.

Surgical and non-surgical treatments at Joel F. Berman, DPM

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